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  ASC Capacitors  

Custom and Standard AC and DC Film Capacitors – Snubbers, DC Bus Link, AC Filter, Oil Filled, Dry Round, Tape Wrap. Custom Assemblies.


      Custom and Standard Terminal Blocks, Terminal Boards, Fuse Panels.


Switches for Industrial, Utility & Military – Cam, Detent, Snap Action, Lockout Relays. Control Switch Relays, DC Disconnects. Tap & Knife.



Designs and Manufactures intuitive Human Interface Solutions that make life simpler, safer and more efficient. Standard products include Optical Encoders, Rotary Switches, Keypads, Joysticks and Pushbuttons; all with finely tuned haptics. Grayhill specializes in integrating these technologies with Displays to create ergonomic Panels and Product Shells.





Circuit Protection – Fuses and Holders, PTC, MOV, GDT, TVS, ESD Protection.
Hamlin – Reed Switches and Relays, Reed and Hall Effect Sensor Assemblies.
Teccor – Sidactors, Thyristors. IGBT Power Modules.
Automotive – Fuse and Holders, Power Distribution Modules, Solenoids, Vehicular Switches, Battery Isolators, Smart Battery Monitors.


  LUMEX   LEDs – SMT, Thru Hole, Panel Mount, High Power, Displays. Light Pipes. Color & Monochrome LCDs. Backlights. Custom.

  New England Wire Technologies  

Wire & Cable - Litz Wire, Flexible Cable, Low Noise, Braided Cable, Coax, Multiconductor, Ground Straps. Custom Jacketing & Bundling. Catheter Tubing.


  SanRex   Power Semiconductor Modules – Rectifiers, Diodes, SCRs, Thyristors.


Sensata AIRPAX Klixon

  Circuit Breakers. Thermostats. Temperature Sensors. Pressure Switches & Sensors. Power Inverters.

  SongChuan   Relays (up to 70 amps) - General Purpose, Power, Automotive. PCB, Plug-In & Panel Mount. Relay Sockets.

  Toroid   Toroidal Transformers (up to 10,000 Watts) - Power, Rectifier, Isolation, Current. Isolation Boxes.

  VICOR   Power Conversion Solutions – AC/DC Modules and Systems, DC/DC Modules and Systems, Power Path Management and Configurable/Custom Power Solutions.

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